📣 Partnership alert!! ChainPerk & SeedBox 📣

1 min readMay 29, 2022
ChainPerk & SeedBox Partnership

An early-stage partnership, but just as important nonetheless! As of this week, we will be partnering with SeedBox, and we will be part of their project compilation. Here’s to a great partnership and working together on our journeys towards growth!

A bit about SeedBox:
SeedBox is the ultimate decentralized launchpad platform, that provides access for retail investors to venture capital-level investment opportunities, bridging the retail funds with the prospective future ideas in its seed, natively built on top of Polygon Mainnet. The primary mission for SeedBox is to bring the revolution to the existing market of decentralized crowdfunding, granting unprecedented access to the seed and private stages of the investment rounds to the retail sector, simultaneously providing a valuable source of funding to the ideas of tomorrow.

More announcements to come soon! 🚀🚀🚀

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