Introducing ChainPerk: The new Tripadvisor

2 min readJan 15, 2022


Welcome! We are pleased to announce that we are launching soon, but first, we would like to introduce ourselves :)

What is ChainPerk?

ChainPerk is a trip guidance platform to help you find the right restaurants, great places, and experiences, wherever you are. ChainPerk uses the fundamentals of platforms such as Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Google.

In combination with a Blockchain Token economy, Metaverse game, NFTs, and a water-tight solution to fight the fake reviews that other platforms are struggling with, ChainPerk is the new sheriff in town.

ChainPerk functions on its’ native PERK token which will be used to fuel our review and referral programs, Activate premium services, Staking, and much more. Furthermore, in order to leave a review, ChainPerk users need to own a minimum of 10,000 PERK Tokens.

100% of the revenue generated will be used to buy back and burn tokens from the market. Revenue streams include NFT Marketplace, Restaurant & Experience bookings, Premium services, and Affiliate partnerships

How does it work?

Purchase your PERK tokens & NFT to become the mayor of your city, add users that review their experiences, collect your reward and grow your passive income by leveling up your city! Check the animation below for a visual description.

Mission: Our mission is to guide people to have remarkable experiences around the world.

Vision: We seek to lead in enriching the lives of both consumers and business owners, by creating a community driven by real reviews.

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We are really excited to get started and can’t wait for you to join our community!




First Blockchain Platform Experience 📲Review, Refer and get Rewards.👌🏼Find the right restaurants, places, and experiences 🌍 😎Earn ChainPerk Tokens